Team Serving Challenge | Serving Under Pressure

One element of game time that we often struggle to replicate in practice is PRESSURE. The pressure to get the first serve of the game in, the pressure to make the serve after a teammate has missed, and especially the pressure of serving accurately and aggressively on game point!

Few “punishments” can mimic the feeling of having all eyes on you and the pressure you feel to get the ball in. Likewise, few punishments actually feel as bad as missing during a critical time in the match.

This is where we harness the power of peer pressure.

Sure, we’re all taught that peer pressure is bad, and it seems wrong to “manipulate” our team so that they are pressuring one another to make their serves in. But let me tell you, there are only a few ways to recreate how it feels to serve in a game, and this is one of them! Continue reading “Team Serving Challenge | Serving Under Pressure”

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There are tons of benefits to playing games at practice! Here are a few...

The Power of Games

When you are training a group of players to be elite athletes it can seem like spending time playing games at practice is a waste of time. What we sometimes forget as coaches is that fun is a major component of the learning process.

Thinking back on my time as a player I first remember running around laughing with my teammates and playing fun games. Yes, I remember playing hard, training, and running through drills, but the most vivid memories are from when I was playing “deadfish,” “the downball game,” and more.

What this tells me is that I was the most present while we were having fun and playing games together. But there are more benefits than just having fun at practice. I’ve listed a number of benefits which come along with structuring a practice which includes small games that reinforce skills. Continue reading “The Power of Games”

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Physical strength and volleyball IQ are two ways this coach decides playing time. What would you add?

7 Ways a Volleyball Coach Decides Playing Time

We’ve all been there. “Why am I sitting out?” “Why does Sarah start but I have to sub in?” “Why do I never get to serve?” These are all thoughts we probably had as players on one team or another. We usually chalked it up to Sarah being the favorite, or the coach not paying attention to us, or not knowing what they’re doing… Continue reading “7 Ways a Volleyball Coach Decides Playing Time”

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Team Rules: A Free Printable for Your Club Team

Team rules can make or break a season. There are two important factors in whether or not team rules make an impact on your team: 1) Everyone has to know the rules, and 2) You have to enforce them.

While I can only encourage you to hold your players accountable and cheer you on for sticking to your guns, I CAN provide you with a list of broadly applicable team rules which any coach can implement. Continue reading “Team Rules: A Free Printable for Your Club Team”

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Not teaching your team a skill because they're "not ready" is a disservice

Not Teaching Your Team a Skill Because They’re “Not Ready” Is a Disservice

“You’re not ready for that yet.” Have you caught yourself saying this to your team when they ask about more advanced skills? Plays, jump serving, swing blocking, etc? I heard myself say this exact phrase, and then had a small meltdown that I was not looking out for my girls.

Teach Your Volleyball Team to "Get The Pancake"

Teach Your Volleyball Team to “Get the Pancake”

A pancake is one of the greatest game-changing moves which can be found in the sport of volleyball. Teach your players to pancake a volleyball using my tips and progression drill!

5 Things to Know About Coaching Club Volleyball

5 Things You Need to Know About Coaching Club Volleyball

Thinking about coaching club volleyball? Get a better understanding of what you’ll encounter by reading this article which compares and contrasts coaching school volleyball and club volleyball.

Reverse Engineer Your Volleyball Season

Reverse Engineer Your Volleyball Season

Create your personal volleyball coaching goals through my reverse engineering worksheet! I give my own goals as examples to help you out.

Are you a new volleyball coach? Check out my book!

Are you a new volleyball coach? Check out my book!

Are you a new volleyball coach who doesn’t know where to start? Instead of looking through more drill books, check out “Coaching Volleyball: A Survival Guide for Your First Season.” I explain all of the ACTUAL work you have to do! There’s more to volleyball than just running a good butterfly drill.

3 Reasons to Encourage Failure

3 Reasons to Encourage Failure

If a player knows you will support them through the learning process and their failures, they will reward your trust by exceeding expectations. All volleyball coaches should read this! It will help you develop your coaching philosophy.