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Coaches, do you have a problem with players asking “what drill are we doing next?” or “are we gonna do hitting lines today?”

I know I did!

I’m a little on the softer side (you will rarely hear me yell or even raise my voice at my players), so in my first season I had a bit of a power-struggle with some of my players. They would ask, and since I didn’t know any better, I would answer. This was often met with either protests or excessive enthusiasm, both of which would cause disruption. So how do you avoid this?

Tell them your practice plan from the start.

I’ve found that this can reduce the number of questions you’ll get if you’re more of a soft-spoken coach like I am, and your players will appreciate knowing the plan for the day. I’ll let me team run through their typical warm-up drill and stretches, then we’ll line-up and review the plan for the day.

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This helps them connect the dots and make sense of the sport at the younger ages, because ideally you’ll run complimentary drills. It also shows them you plan ahead, which reinforces your influence over them.

That’s my two cents for the day. Do you have any good tips you can share?

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