Serving Around the World Drill Diagram

Do you need a quick game to run at your next volleyball practice? This easy serving game will challenge your players to serve to zones without them even realizing that they’re learning!

Just print out this drill and save it for your next practice. Keep it in your binder as a reminder when you need inspiration!I use this drill after I cover how to serve to zones with my volleyball team! Easy serving game for your next practice! You can make this more competitive by splitting your players up into teams and having them try to go around faster than the other team, going in reverse order, or even giving them a certain order they need to serve in!

When to Use This Serving Drill

I use this drill for volleyball camps or clinics with younger teams in a less competitive way and focus on the fun of going all the way around! With older teams, I make it more challenging and competitive by having them play against each other.

I’ll also use this with my club teams when we’ve had a few serious practices and I know they need a bit of a mental break. The parameters of the drill make it productive, but they can let loose a little and laugh with each other while playing this game! Drills which help your team bond are ALWAYS important because a team who enjoys each other will play for each other.

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