Quick Tip

Coaches, do you have a problem with players asking “what drill are we doing next?” or “are we gonna do hitting lines today?”

I know I did!

I’m a little on the softer side (you will rarely hear me yell or even raise my voice at my players), so in my first season I had a bit of a power-struggle with some of my players. They would ask, and since I didn’t know any better, I would answer. This was often met with either protests or excessive enthusiasm, both of which would cause disruption. So how do you avoid this? Continue reading “Quick Tip”

Team Rules: A Free Printable for Your Club Team

Team rules can make or break a season. There are two important factors in whether or not team rules make an impact on your team: 1) Everyone has to know the rules, and 2) You have to enforce them.

While I can only encourage you to hold your players accountable and cheer you on for sticking to your guns, I CAN provide you with a list of broadly applicable team rules which any coach can implement. Continue reading “Team Rules: A Free Printable for Your Club Team”

Fix a Volleyball Serve in 4 Steps

Fix a Volleyball Serve in 4 Steps

This weekend I was working with young players (7th graders) during club volleyball tryouts. At this age, there are going to be a few players who stand out that have played club before or are just naturally athletic. There are also going to be a few people who have never played before and are just mimicking what they see others doing, even though they’ve had no formal training.

My court was no different, and there were plenty of times I saw the opportunity to tweak a player’s movements or form to improve their performance. While this takes some one on one time with a player, it is definitely worth it to step aside for a minute or two and help them (read more at the bottom on why this can work to your benefit, even during tryouts). Continue reading “Fix a Volleyball Serve in 4 Steps”

Not teaching your team a skill because they're "not ready" is a disservice

Not Teaching Your Team a Skill Because They’re “Not Ready” Is a Disservice

“You’re not ready for that yet.” Have you caught yourself saying this to your team when they ask about more advanced skills? Plays, jump serving, swing blocking, etc? I heard myself say this exact phrase, and then had a small meltdown that I was not looking out for my girls.

5 Things to Know About Coaching Club Volleyball

5 Things You Need to Know About Coaching Club Volleyball

Thinking about coaching club volleyball? Get a better understanding of what you’ll encounter by reading this article which compares and contrasts coaching school volleyball and club volleyball.

Free Volleyball Stats Sheets Download

Free Volleyball Stats Sheet Download!

Looking for a way to measure progress over the season? Stat sheets are the perfect way to measure not only strengths and weaknesses, but growth too!

Reverse Engineer Your Volleyball Season

Reverse Engineer Your Volleyball Season

Create your personal volleyball coaching goals through my reverse engineering worksheet! I give my own goals as examples to help you out.

Are you a new volleyball coach? Check out my book!

Are you a new volleyball coach? Check out my book!

Are you a new volleyball coach who doesn’t know where to start? Instead of looking through more drill books, check out “Coaching Volleyball: A Survival Guide for Your First Season.” I explain all of the ACTUAL work you have to do! There’s more to volleyball than just running a good butterfly drill.

My First Coaching Experience

My First Coaching Experience

No mater how much volleyball experience you have, there’s no learning curve steeper than your first year of coaching volleyball. Read about my experience and the three “pearls of wisdom” I share ,then add your own to the discussion!