Volleyball Scrimmage Alternative: Vegas

Volleyball Scrimmage Alternative: Vegas

While I love creating my own drills, sometimes you just need to peruse the internet and find some new inspiration. Two weeks ago I was looking for high-intensity drills and found “Vegas.” While the title was intriguing, it didn’t really explain what the drill focused on. Strictly out of curiosity, I watched.

My initial reaction was that it looked fun, but was nothing too special. It had competitive elements to it that was something I felt my girls needed a big dose of, so I added it to our practice plan with 20 minutes dedicated to learning and finishing the drill. Continue reading “Volleyball Scrimmage Alternative: Vegas”

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The 3 C's Drill: Communication, Coverage, and Celebration

The 3 C’s Drill: Communication, Coverage, and Celebration

Is your team struggling to communicate, cover, or celebrate? Read how I run the 3 C’s Drill (presented by Judy Green, video in article) and try it out for yourself! It seriously impacted my girls and we have been a different team ever since!

Pre-Made Volleyball Practice Plan: Learning Setting and Attacking

Pre-Made Volleyball Practice Plan: Learning Setting and Attacking

A practice plan you can print out and take with you to volleyball practice. Good for all skill levels. Works on building good foundation for setting and attacking.

Pre-Made Volleyball Practice Plan: Introducing Plays

Pre-Made Practice Plan: Introducing Plays

Volleyball coaches: not enough hours in the day to get your practice plan set? Check out our pre-made volleyball practice plans!

Advanced Hitting Lines

Advanced Hitting Lines

This volleyball drill gets your players moving and warmed up, going all out, and practicing actual game-like movements.

Volleyball Warm-Up Drill: Tip & Chip

Volleyball Warm-Up Drill: Tip and Chip

Teach your volleyball players the tip and chip game and you will have more attack options during your matches!

Volleyball Drills to do at Home - Plus Video Examples!

Volleyball Drills to do at Home – Video Examples

Volleyball is a tough sport to practice by yourself, but there are ways to make it work. One of these ways is to make best friends with a wall.

Make sure this wall:

  1. Is not next to a room that needs to be quiet (baby’s room, office, etc…)
  2. Doesn’t have shelves on it or the other side. Breaking things is bad.
  3. No windows either…
  4. Has a higher ceiling. Low could work, but high would be better.
  5. The room shouldn’t have many breakable things in it either. TVs, lights, Grandma’s favorite vase…


Basically, make sure you’re not going to break anything. If you break something, it’s your own fault. Ask your parents if it’s OK before you do any of these.

APPROACH DRILL: OK, now that you’re all set, one of the drills I like to do is practice my approach. Give yourself some space, and just go over your footwork and arm-swing. A jump is fine, but not necessary. If you hit with your right hand, your three-step-approach should go “left, right left.” This video shows how to do your approach if you’re not sure. Step with the opposite feet if you’re hitting with your left hand.

Continue reading “Volleyball Drills to do at Home – Video Examples”

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