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Coach Tracy Wait

Tracy Wait Fitness

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Get to Know Coach Tracy

A Graduate from Cal Poly in Exercise Science, and a Juniors Volleyball Club Coach, I realized that there has been a gap in conditioning and training programs that are specific to volleyball that young players want to participate in, provide measurable improvement, and most all that are fun.

I love to coach and inspire volleyball players to get better and have a blast at the same time. Being a fitness and performance coach as well, I decided to create volleyball specific training that is set to energetic music that athletes love to participate in! Training that improves power and speed, along with better reaction times, coordination specific to volleyball movement and injury prevention.

Training in individual or group settings that includes fun, challenging and fast paced body weight movements in Volleyball game like time increments. Training that includes a volleyball and even volleyball play. I’ve been perfecting this training technique over the last 4 years with great results!

Q & A

Team(s) Currently Coaching: 16 and Under Girls Club Coach

Positions Played: Middle and Outside Hitter

Why I Started Coaching: It's in my DNA! I've been attracted to coaching since my senior year in high school.

Best Coaching Story: In 2014 I recruited a group of 10 girls to play on my 15 and under club team and they came together and "gel'd" so well that they stayed together and played all the way through their senior year of high school as 18's on the same team!

Favorite Part of Coaching: Helping athletes on and off the court to dedicate themselves to something that promotes a love of fitness, personal growth and goal setting!

Favorite Drill: Back Row Attack Drill

Best Volleyball Equipment/Training Investment You Purchased for Yourself: Jump Ropes

Tournament Must-Have: An awesome Team Mom!

Best Advice I Ever Heard: Believe in everyone, count on nobody but yourself!

My Advice To New Coaches: It's about the athletes and not you!

My Coaching Philosophy in Ten Words or Less: Teach the game, develop strong leaders, and keep it fun!

Upcoming Projects: Online Volleyball Impact Player Training

What Else Should We Know About You: I stay relevant and relatable to my athletes by competing regularly myself in endurance events and both grass/sand doubles volleyball.