Do you live in the Plano, Richardson, McKinney, Murphy, or Dallas, Texas area? Are you looking for opportunities to get your daughter private volleyball lessons with an experienced coach?

Whether you want an all-skills evaluation before tryouts, a skills tune-up mid-season, or regular lessons to grow your child’s understanding of the game, I can help!

I’m just going to cut to the chase here... A big barrier to private lessons is the cost. I’m never going to pressure you to sign-up for more lessons than you’re comfortable with, and I will give your daughter “homework” and tips to help her improve faster when she’s with her team or at home.

If you want to sign-up for more lessons… great! I will ALWAYS have something to work on with your athlete.

Here are a few of my goals with every private lesson I run:

Private Volleyball Lessons Dallas Texas.JPG
  • Identify strengths of each athlete.

  • Work to minimize weaknesses.

  • Train the brain! I want athletes to think about the game in a different way than their peers.

  • For younger players, identify potential positions and build skills needed for the future.

  • Get the athlete to MOVE!

  • Teach the game, not the skills. Knowing how to set won’t do your player any good if she don’t know how to move to the ball first.

For families near Plano, McKinney, or Murphy, my club allows me to run private lessons out of any Plano Sports Authority (PSA) location, provided there is court availability.

My own calendar varies by season, but I am typically free for lessons anytime during the day (think holidays away from school!), weeknights until 9pm, and Sundays from 1pm-7pm. If you are interested in scheduling a lesson, please email me with three dates/times so I can check gym schedules and work around my own coaching schedule.

request a lesson

Parent/Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Name
Please List Three (3) Dates/Times Which Work for You:
Please Share Your Athlete's Name, Age, Grade, Playing Experience (If Any), Position (If Any), And Discuss Goals For The Lesson. For Small Groups, Include Information For Each Participant.

Private lesson rates

Club rates are as follows and include one (1) hour of instruction and court costs:

  • 1 Player - $85

  • 2 Players - $65 each

  • 3 - 5 Players - $45 each

  • 6 - 8 Players - $35 each

  • 8+ Players - $25 each

Cancellations will result in a $25 charge if no replacements can be found.

*Players are encouraged to warm-up while waiting for their lesson to reduce wasted time.

**Parents are encouraged to wear athletic clothing and help shag to minimize time spent collecting balls.

***Parents are more than welcome to ask questions throughout the lesson and learn with their child.

****Payment is due at the end of the lesson via cash, check, or the Cash app.

And finally…

*****Players do not suddenly gain the ability to jump serve, make diving passes to target, or hit in front of the 10’ line in one session. Growth takes time, and is not always apparent right away. If you have this expectation, I kindly suggest you find another coach who is willing to sell you this promise. I see noticeable growth sometimes as early as two sessions, but frequently after 3-4. One lesson will suffice if you are after an evaluation and homework :)

If you have another gym you’d prefer to train out of, rates may be negotiated. Please note that travel beyond 15 miles from Richardson, Texas may result in a small travel fee as well.