Online Private Volleyball Coach: Weekly Video Feedback

Private Volleyball Lessons Online
Private Volleyball Lessons Online

Online Private Volleyball Coach: Weekly Video Feedback

250.00 every month


Consistency is key when developing a child’s understanding of the sport of volleyball. Here’s what weekly feedback from a professional volleyball coach could mean for your player:

  • Faster skill development

  • Rapid increase in “Volleyball IQ”

  • Boosted confidence at tryouts, practices, and in matches

  • Technical understanding of skill execution

  • Ability for player to communicate better with coaches

  • Better understanding of responsibilities on the court

  • Develop skills specific to desired position (middle blocker, defensive specialist, etc.)

  • “Click” moments… where a skill FINALLY makes sense! And my personal favorite…

  • A greater love for the game

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your athlete’s volleyball skills, increase their understanding of the game, and turbo charge their progress, using an online professional coach is the way to go!

Athlete’s subscribed to our Weekly Video Feedback service not only enjoy the benefit of carrying around personalized instruction at the touch of a button, processing is expedited at no additional charge!

As soon as you send in your video, you are GUARANTEED to have a response within 24 hours. This is GREAT for players who need last minute tweaks to their serve before tryouts, help adjusting their armswing before a big match, or even pointers on defensive strategies leading up to a tournament,

It’s never too early to start private lessons. Players today are starting at 4 and 5 years old with volleyball-specific training, and 1st graders are playing in volleyball leagues at youth organizations around the country.

Online coaching allows parents and guardians to be involved in their athlete’s skill development, too! Many clubs will have seating away from the court, or won’t even allow parents in!

Through online coaching, YOU become your child’s coach, and learn the game right along with them. No more sitting in the stands, not understanding what’s going on in their matches. You’ll be able to have conversations after practices and matches at a more technical level, helping you bond and grow in the sport together.


Take a look at the skills packages we offer! Get feedback on your serve, passing form, and back row attack, or any other combination of skills! Great for players who need help getting ready for their season or who need extra attention to a few skills.


Ideal video length: 5-7 repetitions from each angle of each skill to be evaluated.

The ball should be in the video as often as possible for a more accurate assessment.


Suggested angles in video:

1) Full body back view

2) Full body view from the dominant side


Suggested angles in video:

1) Full body front view

2) Full body from any side (include full height of pass)

Notes: Pass from regular position. If no position, pass from left back or middle back to front right area of court.


Suggested angles in video:

1) Full body back view

2) Full body from side with net in background (include full height of set)

Notes: Set to outside, middle, and right side (back set).


Suggested angles in video:

1) Full body back view

2) Full body from the dominant side (include full height of set)

Notes: Hit from normal position played or outside if no position.


Suggested angles in video:

1) Full body back view

2) Full body front view

3) Full body side view (same side of net as blocker)

Notes: Standing block and movement to block. Ideally against a hit, but not required.


Online evaluations are meant to help your player grow and develop in the sport of volleyball. Each individual is different, and will progress at varying speeds. Online evaluations do not guarantee a player will make a team at tryouts, hold a starting position, or lead the league in stats. It is up to the guardians and athlete to take video feedback and work on skills in the manner suggested to improve upon the current skill level of the player.

If there is a portion of the feedback videos which is confusing to the guardian or player, it is up to you to contact us (via email) and ask for clarification. We will work with you to ensure your athlete receives proper, clear feedback appropriate to their level of play.

If an attempt has been made to clarify feedback and you are not satisfied with our service, a 75% refund may be issued for up to one (1) month of video feedback service if requested within 30 days of the last video feedback sent.

If you wish to cancel your subscription to Weekly Video Feedback, 30 days notice is required. Up to four (4) videos of all five (5) skills may be submitted per month.

Common coaching instruction/feedback techniques will be given to help the athlete improve. It is up to the athlete and parent/guardian to ensure practice following feedback is performed in a safe manner. Get The Pancake, LLC is not responsible for injuries or other issues arising from attempts to implement feedback received through video evaluations.