Online Volleyball Skill Evaluation: One-Time Assessment

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Online Volleyball Skill Evaluation: One-Time Assessment

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Chose one (1), three (3), or all five (5) of the following skills to have evaluated by a professional coach:

  • Serving

  • Passing

  • Setting

  • Hitting

  • Blocking

A description of video suggestions is listed under “Video Guidelines” below.


Looking for a quick tune-up? Need a few tips before your athlete heads off to tryouts? Does your player just not understand what their coach is teaching them at practice?

A one-time skill assessment is great for players who are either experienced and looking for an edge, or athletes who are new to the game and want personalized, professional coaching at an affordable rate.

In-person private volleyball lessons have time constraints, high costs, and rely on players to remember verbal feedback over the course of 45 minutes to an hour. Often times, parents and guardians are not involved in the coaching process and rely on discussions with their player afterward to get them up-to-speed.

Through online skill assessments, parents and guardians are able to easily submit video of their athlete and receive video feedback breaking down each skill. The benefits of using online video skill evaluations include:

  • The ability for players to actually WATCH themselves performing each skill while receiving feedback

  • A description of what they are doing correctly, as well as how to improve in technical skill execution

  • Video feedback which can be accessed online anywhere, anytime

  • Quick turn-around for when you’re in a rush

  • A simple plan for long-term improvement

  • Savings on professional coaching

  • Feedback which the parent/guardian and athlete can watch TOGETHER, helping improve the understanding of skill execution and game concepts of both the player AND their biggest fan

Players who have a personal, professional coach often feel more confident in their abilities, progress faster than they would in a normal team practice environment, and can receive specialized feedback specific to their current ability level and personal goals.

Athlete’s using our One-Time Assessment service will receive video feedback within two (2) business days of video submission. Need our help faster? Just choose the “RUSH” option and you’ll hear from us within 24 hours!

It’s never too early to start learning volleyball. Players today are starting at 4 and 5 years old with age-appropriate, volleyball-specific training. Even 1st graders are playing in volleyball leagues at youth organizations around the country!

Online coaching allows parents and guardians to be involved in their athlete’s skill development. Through online coaching, YOU become your child’s coach, and learn the game right along with them. No more sitting in the stands, not understanding what’s going on in their matches. You’ll be able to have conversations after practices and matches at a more technical level, helping you bond and grow in the sport together.


We offer Weekly Video Feedback subscriptions for players who want regular coaching to help them get ahead. An excellent choice for athletes who want more one-on-one attention than their coach can give them in a team practice environment, at a much lower price than in-person lessons!


Ideal video length: 5-7 repetitions from each angle of each skill to be evaluated.

The ball should be in the video as often as possible for a more accurate assessment.


Suggested angles in video:

1) Full body back view

2) Full body view from the dominant side


Suggested angles in video:

1) Full body front view

2) Full body from any side (include full height of pass)

Notes: Pass from regular position. If no position, pass from left back or middle back to front right area of court.


Suggested angles in video:

1) Full body back view

2) Full body from side with net in background (include full height of set)

Notes: Set to outside, middle, and right side (back set).


Suggested angles in video:

1) Full body back view

2) Full body from the dominant side (include full height of set)

Notes: Hit from normal position played or outside if no position.


Suggested angles in video:

1) Full body back view

2) Full body front view

3) Full body side view (same side of net as blocker)

Notes: Standing block and movement to block. Ideally against a hit, but not required.


Online evaluations are meant to help your player grow and develop in the sport of volleyball. Each individual is different, and will progress at varying speeds. Online evaluations do not guarantee a player will make a team at tryouts, hold a starting position, or lead the league in stats. It is up to the guardians and athlete to take video feedback and work on skills in the manner suggested to improve upon the current skill level of the player.

If there is a portion of the feedback videos which is confusing to the guardian or player, it is up to you to contact us (via email) and ask for clarification. We will work with you to ensure your athlete receives proper, clear feedback appropriate to their level of play.

If an attempt has been made to clarify feedback and you are not satisfied with our service, a 75% refund may be issued for the most recent evaluation package provided if requested within 30 days of the last video feedback sent.

Common coaching instruction/feedback techniques will be given to help the athlete improve. It is up to the athlete and parent/guardian to ensure practice following feedback is performed in a safe manner. Get The Pancake, LLC is not responsible for injuries or other issues arising from attempts to implement feedback received through video evaluations.