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If you're looking for new volleyball drills, coaching tips, or entire practice plans, you've come to the right spot!

Coaching volleyball isn't just about what you do ON the court... It's about preparing to succeed and running your team well OFF the court too!

I started coaching in 2008 and know the struggles new coaches face. Coaching year-round also helps me understand the challenges long-time coaches struggle with!

Get The Pancake is a place where I share what's working for me (and what's not!) and I am constantly sharing new content to help you with your season.

Kick your feet up, grab a cup of coffee, and poke around my collection of new (and classic!) volleyball drills. Follow that with a quick read on some coaching philosophy, then head over to the Shop to see the equipment and tools I use with my teams! 


I love writing for you guys... but sometimes it's easier to share concepts through pictures or video! While I try to make sure everything has a home here on getthepancake.com, I post a lot of *extras* on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook.

Either click on my links, or just search for @getthepancake and you'll find me! :)



Listen to the creator of Get The Pancake, Whitney Bartiuk, discuss her coaching philosophies and how she got her start coaching volleyball in the 11th episode of the Wait Training Podcast. Available for free download on iTunes and many other podcast platforms!