Passing Fundamentals: Teach Your Team the Basics

Passing is arguably the most important skill in volleyball. Young players cannot get a rally going unless they receive training, and older teams will struggle to compete against a tough serve or offense without lots of reps and game-like drills. This is why it is so important to teach your team the basics! Give them a good foundation to build from when you teach them how to pass a volleyball. Check out this short video and get started!



One of the best ways to teach a team is through cue words. I like to use "step step, pass" and "elbows together" for my younger players. These two instructions are easy for them to keep in mind, easy for me to say, and will fix 80% of the basic issues your team will have while learning how to pass.

Give it a try at practice tonight, or use this as a guide during camps. Let me know how it goes!

Looking for drills to do once your team has mastered how to pass the volleyball? Give some of these a try!

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