Episode 17. 7 Tryout Tips for Volleyball Players


I've been getting a ton of questions lately about tryouts from players through Instagram (@getthepancake) so I wanted to share some insight that I thought would help!

Since this is a podcast for coaches, my hope is that those of you who are also parents will listen to this episode with your child and that it will spark discussions about positive self-talk, work ethic, and general preparation steps for volleyball tryouts.

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Episode 16. 6 Types of Volleyball Lessons To Run

In today's episode, you get the opportunity to listen in on one of the modules from my online video course: "Make Money Coaching Volleyball."

Whether you're looking to get your side-hustle on, or just want to learn how to run a good private lesson, this course will walk you step-by-step through getting your first lesson and teach you how to structure your time to give the most value to your athletes, resulting in repeat lessons. It's a win-win for everyone, as you get to coach more and make money, while improving the level of volleyball in your community!

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Episode 13. Becoming Savagely Good At The Basics: An Interview With Strength Coach and Physical Therapist Dr. Jacob Swart

In this episode Dr. Jacob Swart answers YOUR questions submitted to @getthepancake on Instagram.




+ How to strengthen your ankles

+ What ages to introduce strength training

+ Strength training for liberos + How to increase your vertical (of course)

+ MANY MORE (some answers might surprise you!)

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Episode 11. I Answer YOUR Volleyball Questions From Instagram

Hey volleyball coaches! Whether you are wondering how to coach beginner volleyball or you've been coaching for a while and just want to ask another coach some questions, you'll enjoy this episode of my podcast for volleyball coaches!

Questions addressed include:

How do you handle angry, upset parents who you just can't seem to win over? What do you do when your best setter is also your most effective hitter? Setting drills for juniors to improve and be able to feel confident leading their team? How do you handle a player that constantly argues the decisions you make as a coach?

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Episode 10. Chapter 4: Beginning Of The Season (From "Coaching Volleyball: A Survival Guide For Your First Season.")

If you're looking for actionable advice, you will not be disappointed with this episode! This week is a special treat. I read you chapter 4 from my book, "Coaching Volleyball: A Survival Guide For Your First Season." 

My book is now out in paperback! It is also available as an ebook on Amazon if you prefer an electronic copy. There is even more information in my book, so whether you're looking for guidance through your first season, or think this could benefit a friend, give it a listen and a share!

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Episode 9. What To Expect During An Interview To Coach Volleyball

INTERACTIVE EPISODE! Get a few tips on how to prepare for an interview to coach volleyball, PLUS hear almost 20 sample interview questions. Take your preparations up a notch and pause the episode to practice answering each question!

Coaching volleyball is an amazing experience that many players look forward to having once they leave school. Whether you played high school volleyball, college volleyball, or maybe you only played in PE, you CAN get a job coaching volleyball if you prepare well enough. 

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Episode 8. Setting Goals For Your Volleyball Team

My first year of coaching volleyball had its fair share of ups and downs, and despite my years of playing both club and high school volleyball, coaching my first team required an entirely different thought process.

No matter how strategically you were thinking as a player, different components enter the picture as a coach (think motivation, organization, playing moderator, etc.). One major area I overlooked was goal setting.

In your first year of coaching, it's easy to get caught up in game tactics, practice plans, and teaching the physical skills. But it's the mental skills which will make all the difference, not only to your potential as a coach, but to your players' potential.

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Episode 5. Get Your Team to Bounce Back From a Bad Tournament or Match

Let’s face it…. Playing poorly all day, whether it’s an important match or a big tournament weekend, takes its toll on even the most confident coaches and players.

It’s no fun to watch a meltdown happen right in front of your eyes.

Although you may not be happy with how your team performed, there are a couple of things you can do to get your team back on track.

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Episode 4. The Power of Games: 5 Benefits of Playing Games At Volleyball Practice

When you are training a group of players to be elite athletes it can seem like spending time playing games at practice is a waste of time. What we sometimes forget as coaches is that fun is a major component of the learning process.

Thinking back on my time as a player I first remember running around laughing with my teammates and playing fun games. Yes, I remember playing hard, training, and running through drills, but the most vivid memories are from when I was playing "deadfish," "the downball game," and more.

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Episode 3. How To Identify Natural Leaders on Your Volleyball Team

Before your first tournament of the season, you’ll need to identify leaders on your team.

This can be a challenge because in the beginning of the season, EVERYONE is on their best behavior! Everyone hustles to shag, they’re all clapping for each other, and when you ask them to come in… they run.

But in order to find one or two players who will own the role of leader, there are a few things we as coaches can keep an eye on at practice. Noticing these characteristics early on will help you in more ways than you can count, as you’ll be able to focus attention towards guiding these players, who in turn will help steer the rest of the team for you.

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Episode 2. Using Visualization To Combat Tough Game Situations

No matter what our team’s normal skill level is, sometimes there are just games (or even full days!) where our athletes are just…. off.

It is probably worthwhile for you to dig into those reasons in an attempt to stop this situation from happening in the future. However, since it is usually a large, variable combination of things that may or may not have a possible solution, today I want to talk about what to do after you recognize this in your team!

I want to talk about visualization in volleyball, especially because it helped me when I was playing and still helps to this day. It’s likely that not EVERYONE will buy-in… And that’s ok! 

But I want to make sure your athletes have the right tools in their toolkit to pull themselves out of a slump if possible.

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Episode 1. Is Your Team Bad at Communication? Try These 3 Techniques!

How many times have you heard these instructions at a volleyball match or tournament… “Talk!” “Call the ball!” “Communicate!”

You get the idea.

I’ll admit, I have given these exact directions approximately… every day of coaching. And I think that’s alright! Constant communication is a habit that all players on the court need to develop.

But when communication seems to be an issue, there’s likely a root cause that you need to address.

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