Feel The Burn: The Passing Drill That Keeps Players LOW

“Stay low!” “You’re standing up!” “Use your legs!” “Shrug your shoulders!” “Get down!”

You know you’ve said one (or all!) of these phrases before. But if you find yourself saying it over, and over, and over again, maybe verbal feedback isn’t working?

That’s why I like to run the drill “Feel the Burn!” Players get immediate feedback that signals they are standing while passing the ball AS IT HAPPENS.

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This drill is pretty simple, you only need about five minutes to reinforce good passing for with your whole team.

Feel The Burn Easy Volleyball Passing Drill.jpg


  • Players find a partner.

  • Player 1 stands under the net (toes BEHIND center line, head in front).

  • Player 2 has a ball and is standing on the 10’ line in front of Player 1.

  • Groups stagger down center line, facing opposite directions.


  • Coach sets a timer for desired length (1 minute is a good starting point).

  • In each group, Player 2 will toss the ball to Player 1’s platform, and Player 1 will pass it back.

  • Player 1 must stay out of the net the entire minute (no standing)!

  • After time has elapsed, switch passer/tosser responsibilities.


  • If a player stands while passing and touches the net, start the time over again for that group. (Peer pressure is a great tool for teaching).

  • Score groups of players based on number of net touches (better for young teams who continually stand while passing).

  • Increase time to 1.5 minutes or even 2 minutes. They will FEEL THE BURN in those legs!

  • Run each group through twice.

You can do this anytime at practice, though I would recommend it after warm-ups and before a passing segment, or use it to end a hard practice to work on mental toughness as well.