Team Rules: A Free Printable for Your Club Team


Team rules can make or break a season. There are two important factors in whether or not team rules make an impact on your team:

1) Everyone has to know the rules, and

2) You have to enforce them. While I can only encourage you to hold your players accountable and cheer you on for sticking to your guns, I CAN provide you with a list of broadly applicable team rules which any coach can implement.

The rules which are covered in this printable include the following:

  • Unacceptable behavior
  • Expected behavior
  • An absence policy
  • A late policy
  • Playing time
  • How to resolve issues
  • Potential/likely disciplinary action for different situations

While this set of rules has always worked for me, maybe you want to be a little more strict or a little more lenient. Feel free to use these team rules more as a guideline and create your own list.

I highly suggest you print out your team rules and give two copies to each player; one for them, and one for their parent or guardian. You should always have a copy on you as well, in case something comes up and you need to reference the policies.

Once you decide the rules you will enforce, I also suggest emailing a copy to your club director. This way they understand what your policies are. Sending them a copy before your season even starts also lets them know that you have your season planned out and are prepared, which is a great impression to make when you are a new coach.

Download here: Team Rules for Volleyball

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